Friday, October 26, 2012

Plumper Lips With Your Plastic Surgeon

Have you ever found yourself envious of another woman's plump lips? A woman with pouty lips will never understand your jealousy. Plump lips look glamorous covered in lipstick. They are sexy. You don't often see a model with thin lips. You have tried all the tricks in the magazines. You have used lip products with cinnamon or pepper in them to stimulate blood flow in the lips. You have even tried lighter makeup colors to create the illusion of full lips. You may find success with these ideas, but if you want real results you may need to see a plastic surgeon.
Some woman choose to start with temporary enhancement like Restylane injections. This filler can last as long as six months, and the procedure is quite fast. You may suffer bruising, redness, or swelling after your initial injection, so plan the rest of your day after your appointment accordingly. If you are dissatisfied with the look of your lips, you can go bigger or smaller next time. Even if you are looking for more permanent results, this might be a good opportunity to try out the look of full lips.
It is important to note that all surgeries carry some risk. PermaLip is another potential procedure and it is reversible. If the patient is happy with the results, there is no reason to reverse it. PermaLip offers lip enhancement with the help of a silicone lip implant. The implant comes in varying sizes. The implant should not leak and is considered safe. These implants can be placed in both lips with incisions at the corners of the mouth. A patient can expect the area to look normal after about a week. As with any procedure, there are both benefits and risks. The procedure can cause bruising, pain at the incision site, and swelling. It is important to be sure your plastic surgeon has experience performing the procedure.
A woman has options in how she plumps her lips. She can choose to go with more natural options like lip serums or she can consider injections or implants. Would you have thought there were so many options? Consult a plastic surgeon if you would like to find out if injections or implants are right for you. Your doctor will also know more about these procedures. Your doctor should be able to tell if you are a good candidate for these enhancement measures.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Don't Let Those Bunions Get Out of Hand

As much as you like to wear your favorite shoes, it may be time for you to find something more comfortable to wear. When you wear shoes that do not fit properly, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to some unsightly and painful foot conditions - one of which is the development of bunions. Many studies show that women are more likely to develop this condition than males are. This may be because women (in an effort to look more attractive) typically wear shoes that are too tight and fit improperly. This is easily recognized as the bones in the joint of the toes start to realign themselves, resulting in a formation of what appears to be a bump on the outer side of the joint. This "bump" is actually a protruding bone and inflamed swollen tissue. This condition can be very painful if it is left untreated.
Many people tend to ignore this problem when it is developing. They are so used to wearing shoes that are too tight that they don;t realize there is a problem. They may resort to using over the counter treatments that are designed to provide some relief from the pain. Little do they know, the longer they avoid seeking out professional help for their bunions, the more severe and disabling the condition can become.
If you don't want to end up like those people who are always kicking off their shoes the first chance they get in an effort to alleviate the pain and discomfort they are experiencing, you need to see a foot doctor so they can take a look at your bunions. In addition to providing you with some creams and medications that will lessen the inflammation, they can also determine if surgery would be a good option for you. Since bunions involve the formation of additional and misaligned bones, an operation may be necessary to get your feet back in proper shape.
Living with bunions can be very uncomfortable and can cause you to have problems with mobility. They can make it difficult for you to find shoes that are comfortable to wear. In some cases, you may have to make some adjustments to your lifestyle in order for you to continue to function in a normal capacity. Depending on your situation, you may need to wear larger or wider shoes to prevent the affected area from being irritated. Some over the counter medications, such as anti-inflammatory pain relievers, can be used to help combat the swelling. Cold packs and rest are often helpful in reducing the severity of your condition. If the problem becomes too serious, infection and other complications can occur.
When the problems you experience with your feet start to consume your life, you need to see a specialist. In order to prevent this condition in the first place, take better care of your feet by wearing shoes that fit without causing any stress or discomfort. You may not look as glamourous as you might like, but in the end you will be glad you did the right thing for your health.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things to Know About Meniscus Repair

The function of the meniscus is to provide stability and act as a cushion for our knee joint. It helps to ensure that weight distribution is spread out evenly throughout the knee joint and prevent any joint problems like arthritis. However, injury to the meniscus is extremely common among people below the age of 25 years who are active in sports. Once a diagnosis of a torn meniscus is made, a decision needs to be made fast regarding the treatment. Usually, the doctor will suggest the treatment he thinks is most suited for you depending on your age, level of activeness and extent of injury.
How is the surgery performed?
One of the first few questions will be how is the surgery conducted. With advances in medical technology, meniscus repair can and will be done through a minimal invasion technique called arthroscopy. More common, suturing will be done to rejoin the torn parts of the meniscus with each other in order to regain function.
What is the success rate?
Success rate of meniscus repair is not 100%. It is mostly dependent on the exact location of the meniscus tear as well as post-surgery therapy. Firstly, if the meniscus is torn at the centre part of the cartilage, surgery will not be able to help at all in healing the meniscus. However, it may help to prevent arthritis in the later part of your life. Secondly, even if the surgery is a success, the post-surgery therapy plays an important role too. A proper structured and disciplined post-surgery therapy must be carried out in order to strengthen and regain the full function of the meniscus.
How is the post-surgery recovery like?
You will be immobilised for 14 days after surgery and from the 15th day onwards, physical therapy will commence. Any exercises that places tremendous stress onto your meniscus will be strictly disallowed. Examples of these exercises include running, jogging, skipping and squatting. A proper recovery plan will be planned by your physical therapist and you will need to adhere to it strictly as any deviation from it will disrupt the proper recovery procedure and may even require a second surgery.
What are the risks from meniscus repair surgery?
Meniscus repair is a low risk surgery but some there are still some risk associated with it. Infection may occur due to complications during the surgery or from existing personal problems such as diabetes. Since meniscus repair is done through arthroscopy, there is a risk of damage to the surrounding nerves and tissues. As much, you should always look for a reliable and skilled surgeon.
The role of the meniscus is important for our body and it is recommended to undergo meniscus repair surgery if you tear your meniscus. However, if you are not looking to lead an active lifestyle anymore, you may go for physical therapy to strengthen your muscles to compensate for the meniscus tear.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Preparing for the DIEP Flap

If you take the time to prepare for your upcoming DIEP Flap procedure, you will feel more relaxed and calm on the day of your operation. This will make it much easier for your surgeon to work and ensure that you get optimal results. Follow some of these suggestions for ideas to help alleviate your anxiety before the big day.
You need to keep an eye on what you eat before your DIEP flap procedure. To enhance your body's ability to heal, you should take some vitamin supplements in the months leading up to your operation. Ask your doctor as well, but taking a daily multivitamin will go a long way toward giving your body the additional nutritional support it needs. Maintain a healthy diet and make sure that you continue to drink lots of fluids. Follow your doctor's recommendations on what you should eat before your operation.
You should make sure that you stay in shape during the days leading up to your DIEP flap. The better shape your body is in, the better your body will be able to handle the operation. You don't have to resort to some strenuous workout routines; you could just do some daily walking, running or swimming. Keep in mind that your health and age may require you to have an exam before your operation in order for your surgeon to know what kind of anesthesia your body can handle.
If you are a smoker, one thing you will need to do is to quit. Don't stop the night before your surgery; you need to stop smoking several months in advance. Smoking is very hazardous to your health. Besides causing cancer, it also destroys your circulation system. In order to be a good candidate for a DIEP flap, your circulatory system needs to be in tip top shape. If it is not, you won't be able to have the procedure done. This means that you also need to avoid any other forms of nicotine and its alternatives.
If you currently take medications, you need to inform your surgeon as soon as possible. Some prescriptions can interfere with your health during and after your DIEP flap operation. To reduce your risk for complications, you will need to stop taking those medications. If there are any that you need to take on a regular basis, let your doctor know and he can prescribe some alternatives that won't cause any problems with your health. Avoid over the counter medications such as aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs.
Keep in mind that there are risks associated with any type of medically necessary and elective procedures. In order to improve your chances for a successful operation and improve your recovery, you need to make sure that you and your body are in great shape mentally and physically. If you have any questions or concerns at any time before your reconstructive breast surgery, don't hesitate to contact your surgeon and ask.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beneficial Than Some May Think

Breast enhancement surgery is an extremely beneficial procedure. However, some people don't see it that way. In their eyes, there's never a good enough reason for anyone to go through this process. This is not surprising, though. In fact, some of them have good reason for their beliefs. It's not that they're trying to be judgmental. It's just that they don't want women to fall into the trap of trying to live up to false and impossible expectations of beauty. However, their concerns and beliefs don't negate the fact that there are several good reasons to get this type of procedure.
One of the reasons it's is good choice is because it can help people look more like their idea of what is aesthetically appealing. This may not seem like a big deal, but some would be surprised to know how much better people feel about themselves when they are happy with their appearance. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that being said, there are some features that look better and are more appealing to the masses when they are enhanced and improved. This includes certain body parts such as breasts.
Now, most everyone is aware of the fact that this particular part of the body is covered up most of the time, especially in the public. For this reason, some might say there is really no need for breast enhancement surgery. They believe that a nice push up bra will get the job done. However, this is not always enough. What happens when someone loses volume in their chest area? A push up bra won't exactly do the trick. Of course, they could use a padded bra, but this won't really help them when it's time to go swimming or when they want to walk along the beach in a bikini. In these cases, they would need something that is more permanent or looks more realistic. This is where this wonderful procedure comes in.
Breast enhancement surgery isn't just beneficial for people who want more volume or for those who want to feel more confident in their looks. It's also a great option for people who have gone through illnesses such as Breast Cancer. During this time, a woman can experience some severe damage to this part of her body. This cancer already causes a great deal of stress on a patient, but having to deal with an altered appearance can add to that stress. The good news is that this procedure can help to relieve some of the mental tension.
This procedure is more beneficial than some people realize. It has the ability to improve people's looks as well as relieve some of their stress.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Buying the Right Hair Extensions

Often times, individuals spend a significant amount of time selecting hair extensions only to find out that what they are buying will not work for their needs. Rather than buying them from a third party provider, it is best to turn to a professional who can help you to select the right product for your needs. Doing so can make all of the difference in the result. The good news is many stylists can provide this information to you and help you to have a great look.
Are They Right for You?
Before you can buy hair extensions, you need to ensure they are actually a good option for you. Most of the time, you will need to have between 8 and 10 cm of your own hair. This is what the stylist will need to use to attach the extension to your head. However, it is possible to match up your color, style, and type with the extension options so it looks like a continuous flow. This creates a very natural look.
Quality Is Critical
No matter if you are choosing synthetic or real, the pieces you choose need to be well made. There are plenty of options on the market, but some of them are simply not worth the investment. If the hairs fall out of the holding mechanism, chances are good you will see them wash right down the drain. On the other hand, if you select something that has designed to be durable, you will have a great finished look that lasts.
What about Color and Details
Most of the time, the stylist will tell you what you can and cannot do with the extension. In most cases, you can style it anyway you would like to. Most stylists help individuals to find the right color for them, to match any colored treatment they have had. However, it is also possible to color or otherwise treat quality pieces so that they blend perfectly with your own. It is important to get the best possible product for this.
The Right Stylist
It is also important to choose a professional with ample experience. This will ensure the process of putting them in is gentle. Otherwise, it will pull and tug on your head the entire time you have it in place. That is not something you want to deal with the whole time you are having it put in and afterward.
The right stylist with the right hair extensions makes all of the difference in your satisfaction with the finished product. Invest the time in the right product and you will love the way it feels, looks and works for you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Determine If You Need an Allergist

There are many instances in which seeing an allergist is necessary. Many times, people have no idea what this professional can actually offer. They think that if their family care provider believes they have an allergy to something specific all they need to do is to avoid that item and they are safe. The problem is, that is not always the case. There are many services and benefits to seeing these professionals. You do not want to put off getting this type of help.
What Do They Do?
When you find an allergist, he or she is a specially trained medical doctor. He or she is able to diagnose and provide treatment for asthma, allergic disorders, as well as other concerns and diseases related to the immune system. These board-certified professionals provide outstanding service to customers by providing ample information, specific treatment options, and even prevention tools for patients suffering from various conditions.
When Should You See One?
There are many instances in which seeing these individuals is critical. Allergists, also known as immunologists, are able to help with any concerns, even if you are unsure you have a problem. This includes treatment for conditions like allergic rhinitis, hives, eczema, allergic eye diseases, asthma, immune deficiencies, and frequent illnesses including bronchitis and colds and even treatment for sinus infections. If you suffer from any of these issues, it is a good idea to turn to a professional for added help.
You should see these doctors if you have frequent symptoms. You may also want to talk about the way you feel if you have severe asthma attacks, especially if they are hard to control. You may need help if you have hives or swelling caused by an allergic reaction but you are unsure what caused it. If you have skin rashes, especially ones that itch, it is a good idea to talk to a specialist. They also recommend coming in if you need medications altered because what you are taking right now is not as effective as you need them to be. Even if you are unsure if your condition is related to an allergic reaction, it is still a good idea to bring these concerns to a specialist.
Sometimes a family doctor will recommend this type of visit. In other cases, you may be unsatisfied with the care you are getting now. The fact is, you can find an allergist in your area easily. There is no reason to put off getting this type of help. If you do, you could be putting your health and wellness on the line.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why You Should Be Doing Yoga

The ancient language of yoga has proved to be a gift of the centuries and its origin lies in the deep valleys of India. Yoga has uncountable long term benefits with no boundaries of age. The young and the old alike can benefit tremendously from this legendary exercise technique. Yoga exercises or asanas aim at putting your mind and body in complete harmony. The person can reach spiritual levels and can touch their inner beauty.
Yoga creates discipline:
The mind, body and the spirit undergo an en exhilarating stage of harmony where the combination of posture, relaxation and breathing exercises cleanses the mind and allows the free flow of energy. Yoga has the power to refresh and rejuvenate. It is a pure act where a person can derive psychological and physical benefits.
Yoga exercises are less vigorous and provide excellent medical advantages:
Yoga asanas are famous for their calm and easy postures. Since vigorous body movements is not required, you can still feel calm and relaxed after an hour of yoga. Yogic postures exercise the vital organs of our body like the lungs, liver, spleen, urinary systems, glandular systems and the heart. Yoga asanas build up muscle power and enables you to hold your reflexes for a longer period of time.
Yoga provides important skills such as concentration and confidence:
Yoga helps to improve concentration and alleviates stress. The relaxation exercises help to calm the nerves, muscles and tendons. Yoga helps to improve your body posture and also trains your strength power. Some asanas require you to lift the entire body weight on a single limb. Yoga is an excellent way to tune your body and to improve your outlook and in turn boost your confidence. You no longer have to fear from the extra pounds hanging on your belly and your sides.
Yoga can be done anywhere:
You don't need to join a gym or an aerobics class to practice yoga. You can easily get yoga training from online resources or yoga books and practice it just about anywhere like your home, at the beach, in the park or even in your kitchen.
Yoga provides contentment and inner peace. It reduces stress and unhappy thoughts and also improves your immune system by providing you strength to fight off diseases and to speed up the recovery system. Yoga is a great way to enhance the quality of life and to achieve self-satisfaction. Thus you should definitely try to enrich your life with the ancient yogic magic.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why 6-Pack Abs Aren't A Realistic Goal For Most People

6-Pack Abs, Ripped, Shredded, Washboard Abs - The fitness media is full of terms like these to describe abdominal muscles that stand out in stark relief. Yet sporting 6-packs is seldom what people think - and definitely not a realistic goal for most people outside of fitness models or bodybuilders preparing for a competition.
First, let's look at the truth about the people you see with shredded abs year-round. In most cases, it didn't take a lot of work to get those amazing-looking abs - they're most-commonly seen on people whose genetics blessed them with few, if any, fat cells on their midsection.
You see, everyone has ab muscles, and fairly well developed ones at that. You use your abdominal muscles in almost everything you do each day. They just aren't as obvious on some people because of the thin, or not so thin, layer of bodyfat that covers them. If you're one of the lucky ones that carries your bodyfat elsewhere, you'll sport that washboard any time you're not overeating.
For most people, though, eating little enough to show off a great midsection will run the risk of health complications if you try to maintain an extremely low bodyfat level year-round. Even those shredded bodybuilders you see in the mags and on stage don't stay that way year-round - they follow a strict and somewhat severe diet for 6 - 12 weeks prior to competing to get rid of bodyfat and use diuretics to drain their body of any surplus water as the big day approaches.
The same is true for the cover shoots for fitness and bodybuilding magazines - either a shot is used from the last time that athlete was prepared to compete, or they spend as much as a month preparing for that shot using training and diet to give them that look - and again, just for that shoot.
Staying ripped year-round would leave you feeling lethargic and tired at all times, inhibit your muscle- & strength-building progress, and could lead to more serious health issues. Remember that every organ in the body has some fat content, and that your body uses some of its fat stores to protect your inner organs. Depriving it of the nutrients it needs will also affect everything from your skin tone to your hair - to say nothing of the hormonal imbalances and their effects on your state of wellness.
A better solution for most people is to keep your stomach area strong by working your abdominals regularly and aiming to maintain a healthy overall bodyfat level. For most fit people, that will give you a fairly flat stomach that leads up to the swell of your chest - a highly desirable body image in its own right.
It's important to keep your abs strong at all times anyway, both because of all the daily activity and to help counterbalance your lower back muscles and their pull on your spine and hips. One of the keys to avoiding, or minimizing, lower back pain as you get older is being sure to keep your abs and hamstrings as strong as your quadriceps (thigh muscles) and lower back muscles to keep the forces on your hips and spine in balance.
By now you probably already know that you can't 'spot reduce' your bodyfat - that is, it will come off fairly evenly over your entire body. So trying to burn off just stomach fat or diet off just belly fat simply can't be done. It's necessary to reduce your overall bodyfat to start seeing any ab development, and that takes both a low-carb diet and a full exercise regimen.
There is good news, though... You CAN build an impressive mid-section even if you don't go to the extent of being totally ripped & shredded. A healthy, portion-controlled diet coupled with a workout routine designed to build bigger ab muscles can let you sport a belly to be proud of during the summer bikini season if you have the discipline to stay with it for a few months or more each year. For best results, consult a certified personal trainer for your workout plans and a certified nutritionist for an effective but safe diet regimen to follow.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Fitness Benefits Of Jogging

Jogging is considered to be the sixth most prominent and popular sport in America. Jogging around your neighborhood is the perfect way to ditch a sedentary life and start an active one. It is a perfect form of workout for beginners because it requires no equipment. Many individuals are worried about the long-term health hazards on the joints, knees and hips as the consequence of running. These risks can be minimized by wearing good running shoes, therefore the benefits outweighing any risks associated with health.
Physical benefits of jogging:
· Jogging is excellent for your health. It is a great cardiovascular exercise in which all the muscles of the body are employed which results in the toning of all the muscles. It increases the bone density of legs, hips and back.
· It is a vigorous workout and it yields many health benefits which include a decrease in high blood pressure and coronary exercise, lowering of cholesterol levels and burning of body fat especially around the abdomen and thighs.
· Jogging strengthens the heart and the lungs and enhances the circulation of the blood which is vital for overall fitness.
· Jogging alleviates the problems linked with the digestive system by speeding up the rate of metabolism. The calorie burning process is accelerated making it easier to lose weight. Many people are now becoming aware of jogging being the ultimate exercise to lose the stubborn belly fat.
· Jogging also aids combat with insomnia. When you exercise, your sleep is more peaceful and restful because jogging involves physical fatigue.
· Jogging dissipates lethargy and you don't have to be worried about or feel guilty when your meal portions are large or when you want to snack on your favorite treats.
· Jogging makes you look and feel younger by preventing the decline of bones and muscles related to the age factor.
· Jogging enhances the immune system thereby reducing the risks of diseases like cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.
The psychological advantages of jogging:
The benefits of jogging are not limited to physical level but extend to psychological level too. These are:
· Jogging gives you a boost of vigor and increases your vitality. You are filled up with boundless energy and vivacity. Jogging raises your confidence and you start loving your body and yourself. Moreover weight loss achieved from jogging is a great motivator.
· When you are jogging you feel free and happy. Your mind gets time to unclutter and solve life's riddles and problems. Your anger and aggression fades away and your mind ditches the depression ad stress because jogging releases the happy hormones called endorphins which are responsible for uplifting you mind, packing way the stress and providing you with the sensations of exhilaration and gladness.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Advice for Recovering From Surgery

Few things can alter and disrupt your daily routine quite like surgery. From pre-surgery preparations to the surgical procedure itself, the entire ordeal can be a challenging test of your physical and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, the battle doesn't end when the anesthesia wears off, as many patients face weeks, if not months of recovery time from their surgeries. With this fact in mind, we've assembled a list of suggestions that may help you as your body heals and begins to return to normal.
Allow Your Body to Repair Itself - As much as you may want to resume a normal life as quickly as possible, you would be much bettered served by resting the part of your body that has been operated upon. This means that what your doctor says goes; if your doctor advises you not to lift heavy objects or to avoid contact sports, for example, you should strictly adhere to his or her medical opinion.
Sleep - A Lot - Sleeping not only is a good way of knocking out a lot of boring hours from your day, but it also enables your body to heal itself as you rest peacefully.
Water is Your Friend - Now more than ever, try to get your eight glasses of water. Staying hydrated allows your body to function at full capacity.
Chow Down on Protein - Your body needs protein to rebuild and repair damaged tissue. Eating foods high in protein, such as poultry, dairy products and nuts, will help you to build back muscles damaged from injury.
Pace Yourself - As you begin to recover motion and strength in damaged parts of your body, remember to take things slow. Pushing yourself too far puts you at risk of aggravating the recovering area, and could set your recovery back a significant period of time. When walking around, try to nurse the healing body part, and make sure not to move it too fast or place too much pressure on it.
Build Up an Exercise Routine - When your body is ready, begin a modest exercise routine to rebuild the injured area. Exercises such as walking, stair climbing and light weight lifting could fit the bill perfectly - just make sure not to overexert yourself.
Be Careful When Moving Around - While recovering from injury, the last thing you want to do is to fall and hurt yourself again. Try and always be aware of any obstacles in your vicinity that you might accidentally trip over, slip on or bang into while moving around.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cell Injection Treatments

In recent years, doctors have made noteworthy and exciting progress in treating various ailments with an innovative procedure - cell injection. The most well-known of these treatments involves the use of stem cells, which have long been known to help repair damaged parts of the body. However, medical practitioners have begun to use this concept to treat other prominent illnesses, and have reaped encouraging results.
The most publicized benefit of stem cells is their ability to regenerate tissues and organs. Researchers have now discovered that this procedure may also be used to effectively treat arthritis. The Centeno-Schultz Clinic in Broomfield, Colorado has established an effective procedure for treating arthritis patients using stem cells.
Doctors at the clinic begin this process by removing adult stem cells from the patient's bone marrow. The cells are then brought to a laboratory, where they are inserted into pieces of tissue in a controlled environment. Once inside the tissue, the cells begin to multiply. Finally, the stem cells are extracted from the tissue and injected into the areas of the patient's body afflicted by arthritis. After they have been injected into the patient, the cells begin to restore and regenerate cartilage. They can also repair torn ligaments by morphing into pieces of ligaments, tendons or bones.
As an added benefit, patients who receive this treatment face no threat of infection, as the stem cells are taken from the patients themselves. This also means that the patient's body will not reject the cells that have been multiplied from the original sample. Research has even suggested that this same procedure can also be used to treat heart failure, diabetes, lupus, MS and macular degeneration.
A New Treatment for Cancer?
Cell injection has recently been used to help a patient fight cancer. In 2006, a 50-year old man from the United Kingdom was injected with billions of his own immune cells. The man had been diagnosed with advanced skin cancer, which had spread to his lymph nodes and one of his lungs. Within eight weeks, the patient's tumors had disappeared; two years later, the man was cancer-free.
The man's doctors achieved this result by identifying the cells which were most successful in fighting the cancer. These cells were then collected from the patient, cloned, and injected back into the man's body. A similar type of treatment had also been used on two US men in 2006, and was successful in eradicating cancer in both patients. Though cancer experts caution that this method, called immunotherapy, required additional testing among larger clinical groups, they are encouraged by the treatment's positive results.
Additional Benefits
Research has also shown that cell injections can heal factures in long, hollow bones in the body, known as "long bones." In a study published in the open access journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, doctors found that fractures in long bones were healed completely after the patients were injected with osteoblast cells. As with other cell injections, these cells were originally extracted from the patients, multiplied in sterile laboratories, and injected back into the test subjects. Researchers conclusively determined that patients who had undergone this procedure healed significantly faster than those who were treated using traditional methods.
Cell injections have even been shown to greatly improve eyesight. A 14-month old Billings, Montana girl received a total of seven stem cell injections over a month-long period to strengthen her vision, which was limited to a mere 1 foot in range. The girl's family was forced to travel to China for the procedure, as US doctors considered it to be too experimental to perform. Miraculously, the girl's vision showed tremendous improvement following the injections; she is now able to see up to 25 feet away.
Cell injections could hold the key to treating a variety of medical conditions. Patients suffering from serious diseases and health problems may find that they represent their best possible option for treatment.